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Water Temperature Control Unit – NUT Series

Dicing Chiller
  • The equipment of the NUT Series is for supplying cutting water and coolant for the dicing process while keeping their temperature at a certain level. In the dicing process, the cutting water and coolant help extend the lifetime of products and maintain their performance. This essential utility equipment is used to improve the quality of products.
  • Temperature adjustment range : 4–25°C
  • With a cooling function as well as a heating function that is useful in winter
  • Has a tank capacity of 30–60 ℓ of water
  • Up to 6 ℓ can be supplied for each unit
  • With a spindle coolant return function


Water Temperature Control Unit – NUT Series
Model Name NUT-10 NUT-20 NUT-30 NUT-40
Reservoir Volume 15ℓ 40ℓ 40ℓ 60ℓ
Flow Rate at 3bar 7ℓ/min 15ℓ/min 28ℓ/min 35ℓ/min
Temperature Range + 15°C ~ 30°C
Dimension (WxDxH) 600 X 770 X 1,420mm 600 X 860 X 1,420
Weight 300kg 400kg
Power Supply AC220 V, 3-phase, 5 A , 50/60Hz
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