• MLCC Cutter

    Global Innovation to NeonTech

Full-Automatic Ceramic Cutter Series..
  • NEON TECH completed development in 2015 and maximized productivity with unique cutting time.
System stability
  • NEON TECH Unique Design: The stone bridge half bridge structure is optimized for vibration minimization, high stiffness and stability.
User interface
  • Multi language such as Korea / English / Chinese / Japanese is provided for user’s convenience. Also, system provide wide(19”) touch monitor
Large working chuck table
  • The NMC Series can be loaded / unloaded with max 220 * 220 mm machining area, stack state or M / Z, cassette and so on.


Specification Unit NMC-1500
Workpiece Size mm Max. 200 x 200
Indexing Range mm 500
Indexing Speed mm/s 100
Min.Step mm 0.0001
Stroke mm 50
Indexing Speed mm/s 40
Min.Step mm 0.001
Rotation Angle deg 360° (CCW 150° , CW 210°)
Rotation Speed deg/s 180
Min.Step Deg 0.001°
Align Vision Accuracy ± 2
Camera - 1.4 Mega Pixel
Line Scan Accuracy ± 10
Machine Dimensions(WxDxH) mm 2,250 x 1,350 x 1,980
Machine Weight kg 2,500
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