• Saw-Sorter

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Full Automatic PCB Panel Saw & Sorter

  • Large PCB panel mechanical dicing & sorting system
Main Features
  • Saw & sorter for large PCB panel(500x300mm)
  • Capable for ultra thin package(0.1t)
  • Compatible for 2 & 3inch blade
  • Dual 2.4KW spindle
  • Built-in PCB shrink compensation function
  • Built-in PCB cleaning/air dry
  • Built-in dimension & accuracy measuring vision
  • Multi picker for high speed pick & place
  • Dual multi picker for high capacity
  • Click & position setting vision


Items NSS-5000 NSS-6000
Work Size Max 500 * 300 FCB Plate Max 500 * 300 FCB Plate
Work Piece Thickness 0.8~3t ( thick PCB ) 0.1~3t
Spindle 2.4 KW Dual Air Bearing Spindle 2.4 KW Dual Air Bearing Spindle
Blade 3” Hubless Blade 3” Hubless Blade
Dimension(WxDxH) 4,200 x 1,900 x 1,900mm 5,030 x 2,020 x 1,880mm
Material Input Cassettes Magazine(3ea) UTC(ultra thin carrier)
Inline-Out Yes, Cleaning System Yes, Cleaning System
Work Vacuum 5HP Water Type Vacuum Pump 5HP Water Type Vacuum Pump
Clean For After Sawing Brush & Water Jet Cleaning Brush & Water Jet Cleaning
Inspection Spec Package Size / LTP / Shift Package Size / LTP / Shift

Tray Handler

Package Cleaning

Multi Picker

Inspection Vision

Dual multi Picker

Dual Dicing Spindle

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